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Basics Of Computer

This course is specially for kids of age 5 to 15. Get degrees, ace your exams, get positions or whatever at schools, if you don’t know how to run a computer, I’m sorry but you’re a big failure and that is exactly why we have this course.

Rs. 2,000/- (each month)

Certificate in Information Technology

We have this course for all ages so that from a young age kids know how to run a computer and they totally ace using it. Students typing speed will also be enhanced in this course

Rs. 2,000/- (each month)

Diploma in Information Technology

This diploma gains great recognition in order to get a job in IT field. Today’s most demanding skills will be covered in this diploma course.

Rs. 2,000/- (each month)

Digital Marketing

Here we’ll be teaching the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication.

Rs. 4,000/-

Web Designing

In this course students will be involved in learning HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and applying them by creating their own pages.

Rs. 4,000/-

Graphic Designing

From basic to advance graphic designing with hands on experience and certificate. Canva,  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (Basics).  Training from professional instructor.

Rs. 4,000/- (each month)

Software/APP Development

This course offers full knowledge and hands on experience on App and Software development with professional instructor. Working on coding platform.

Rs. 15,000/-

Web Development

This course offers full knowledge and hand on experience on WordPress and PHP.  Working with professional instructor and with theory and practical.

Rs. 6,000/-

Video Editing

This course offers the learning of today’s most demanding skill. With this skill you can master the art of creating attractive videos for your customers.

Rs. 3,000/- 

Microsoft Office

Learning to master the suit of applications designed to enhance productivity and completing tasks quickly and easily.

Rs. 4,000/-


Creation and customization of store with Woo commerce and Shopify. Theory and practical.

Rs. 8,000/-

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