About Us

About Us

Lakhani Tech Institute is an institute where students are taught not with the traditional teaching but to the point one. Students here will be taught whilst having a hands on experience which will enhance there level of learning.

We have qualified and experience teachers here that are professionals and certified.

Certified Instructors

We believe that IT skills should be one of the expertise of students as it is what today's world demand for and these skills are the ones that can make a great career and income.

Let's teach those skills on which the future is based upon.
-Abdul Rahim Lakhani - CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver 21st century skills to students as it is what today's world is based on and probably what the future will conduct. We want our students to be capable of these skills and make a career out of it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our students capable of the market requirement. We want them to have these IT skills which will help them make a great career out of it and stay in competition of the market.